Day 8 of my first trip to Morocco – Culture of Sahara Desert

Today is a leisure day to experience the desert culture around

In the morning, the camp staff took us up to a sand dune. The morning sun shone on the sand, made it a golden scene. I wish I wore a long dress so that I could take beautiful pictures.

Two young people drove the desert four-wheel car (1 hour, 50 euros per person), and the feedback was excellent.  Maybe I shall try next time.

We firstly went to the mica mine. It is the main raw material for making mascara.

Then we visited nomadic tribes in the desert, who made a living by raising camels and goats. They built tents with camel hair on the sandy ground at the edge of the desert.  Their 2-year and 4-month-old little girl was very cute. She wanted to exchange the cake in her hand for our mobile phone, and she smiled happily when she saw herself in the mirror.

The last stop was to enjoy African drums and dances.

After lunch, what we want most was an air-conditioned room and some nap time.

Sahara heat truly beats us.

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