Day 7 of my first trip to Morocco – First day in Sahara Desert

We are going to go to the Sahara Desert today.  I am excited and worried at the same time.  The excitement was that the mystery of the Sahara is going to be unveiled, and the worry came from the long journey and the heat wave in summer

On the way to Merzouga, we tried roast lamb for lunch at a local barbecue restaurant. The taste was originally authentic. If paired with a bottle of beer, it would be perfect.

There were many customers in the restaurant.  All of them were working out of town and rushing home for the Eid Al Adha, which was a few days ahead.  It’s just like what Chinese people do before Spring Festival.  Some of them even traveled a thousand miles, driving back home from France through the Strait of Gibraltar.

Although I read a lot of introductions about the desert tour,  when we arrived at the desert camp, we couldn’t help but marvel

This was a typical overnight camp for tourists run by local families.  There were more than a dozen independent tents, with their own generators/solar panels.  The tour included camel rides in the desert, dinner, bonfire party and breakfast.  It’s a pity that it’s cloudy today, and we couldn’t see the sunset and the starry sky

The Sahara really lives up to its reputation, everything was hot and dry.  The wind blew the hot air everywhere.  Our washed clothes got dried in 2 hours. The sand under our feet was silky fine, and the color of the dunes changed with the sunlight

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