Day 6 of my first trip to Morocco – Fez

Today we had a day trip to Fez, a cultural journey

Fez was once the capital of Morocco and had a long history. The local tour guide took us around the old old town and new old towns (Fez has two old towns), and then went to the pottery factory and tanneries. The highlight was a visit to the local market.  We made a visit to the Moroccan bathhouse (Hammam) to end the day.

The market in the old town of Fez was even more amazing than ours in Hong Kong, with a dazzling goods and bustling people. As July 10 Eid al-Adha was coming soon, there were many sheep-slaughter-related goods on the market.

At our request, our guide took us to experience a traditional Moroccan bath (Hammam). The interesting point was that we couldn’t speak the languages of each other.  We used body languages.  After we washed our bodies with black olive oil soap, we were instructed to lie down on the marble table. The lady with thick black gloves rubbed me from head to toe to rub off the old skin.  Then she drizzled bath gel on me and washed me.

There were 5 marble tables in that hall.  Each table had a person lying on it.  It looked like a slaughterhouse, we were like whitewashed pigs🐷

It hurt when she’s rubbing, but I didn’t know how to ask her lighten up. After ten or twenty minutes, the outer layer of my skin was gone.  Until the next coming days, I could still feel that my whole body was silky smooth.  We decided to experience it again before leaving Morocco.

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