Day 4 of my first trip to Morocco – Chefchaouen

If it was a warm-up in Tangier two days ago, then the essence of our Moroccan trip started today. Our tour driver greeted us at 9 o’clock and which marked the beginning of our 9D8N in-depth tour.

The road conditions in Morocco were quite good. There were olive trees, melon fields, or fruit trees on both sides of the highway which was far from the desolation I imagined.

At noon, we arrived at Chefchaouen, one of the three blue cities in the world. First of all, the hotel we stayed surprised us.  Every corner was treated with heart.

The sun was shining brightly, so we took a short break after lunch.

The houses in Chefchaouen were all painted blue.  It’s because the Jews who lived here hundreds of years ago believed that blue was the color of heaven. Its narrow alleys were full of all kinds of authentic local products.  Carpets and ethnic costumes lying on the walls, leather goods hanging in the shops, and the roadside was also full of oil paintings, porcelain, and clothing products.  All of them were colourful.

People warmly greeted us either by saying “Ni Hao” or asking where we’re from. There were no tourists from the Mainland China now, so the business were severely impacted.

This town was also famous for the cats. We had seen fifty or sixty cats along the way, and most of them were kittens.

Chefchaouen was so beautiful! I especially love its sunset

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