Day 3 of my first trip to Morocco – Day Trip in Tangier

We had a day trip to Tangier today. Firstly went to the old city, then to the port, we went back to the hotel for a short break.  At around 5pm, we headed to the intersection of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.  It’s windy there.   Our last spot was the African Cave.  It’s unfair that we needed to pay for the entrance fee while the locals didn’t pay.

After watching the sunset at 8:30pm, we had a Spanish dinner at 9:30 😀 We fully got used to the local life style.

Tangier is the most westernized city in Morocco. The streets are clean, there are many grasslands, and the temperature is not as hot as the inland. The temperature in summer is 20-30 degrees.  We did not sweat today.

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