Day 2 of my first trip to Morocco – Chilling in Tangier

Tangier is the northernmost city in Morocco. It is only separated from Spain by the Strait of Gibraltar. The weather is not as hot as the southern cities in Morocco.

The locals said that the best time for the beach is after 5pm.  So I was resting in the hotel room hoping my flu would go away soon, with the yogurt and fruits bought from supermarket last night.  The hotel was very generous, I was told that I could check out anytime I wish. 

At noon, I simply ordered avocado and shrimp salad at the hotel. I waited for half an hour. It turned out to be a masterpiece.

The beach in Tangier was long, with fine sand, but the waters were icy cold. Many children were  playing in the water and building sand castles, and some were riding horses.

Relaxing on the beach in Africa, looking at the European continent far away, blowing the Mediterranean Sea breeze,  and listening to my favourite Chinese songs.  Nice moment!

Dinner alone with sunset

It was already dark when I went back, and I didn’t feel unsafe when I walked on the road. However, there was not a single traffic light on the road full of traffic. I must learn from the locals to cross the road bravely.

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