Day 11 of my first trip to Morocco – Marrakech

At 9 o’clock, when the sun was not too strong, we went to the Bahia Palace with the tour guide. It was a royal holiday palace with a history of more than 100 years. 600 of the best craftsmen at that time took 14 years to build it.  There were many layers of wood carvings, lanterns, and beautiful stained glass windows inside. The courtyard with blue, yellow and white as the basic colours was fresh and comfortable. It was decorated with mosaics of different patterns and colors. We walked through rooms of different sizes and functions. Every arched door, every roof, and every window lattice was worthy of detailed appreciation.

Then we went to the market to see the authentic handicrafts of Morocco: leather products, leather shoes, ceramics, spices, tea, …… Morocco really is a nation full with artistic cells and infatuated with colours. 

In such hot weather, it’s a must we go back to the B&B for a short break after lunch.  We felt comfortable enough until 5 o’clock to go to the YSL Museum and the Majorelle Garden. The Majorelle Garden was originally the villa of the French artist Majorelle, later was bought by the fashion master Yves Saint Laurent, so it is also called the Saint Laurent Garden.  Majorelle devoted his whole life to designing and building this garden by himself.  He collected various plants from all over the world to build a cactus garden, vine corridors, lotus ponds, and bamboo forest paths. The most unique thing here is the bright, pure and charming Majorelle blue.

Tomorrow would be the Islamic Eid al-Adha.  Most shops would close early tonight, and everyone would go home for the festival, just like our New Year’s Eve.

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