Day 1 of my first trip to Morocco – From Rome to Tangier

When I flew from Vienna to Rome days ago, I was in a hurry to check in. So I arrived at the FCO airport three hours earlier today to send luggage, go through security check, and get tax refunds.

However, the queue in passport check was sooooo long. After assessing, I had to be cheeky again to cut in line 😅

I was not the only one.  Two Moroccan lads were running along with me.  They gave me a big welcoming smile when they knew that it was my first time to their country.

Mysterious Morocco, here I was!

To go through the immigration, I just need to fill in a health declaration form, plus a certificate of vaccinations. The staff knowing that I was from Hong Kong, offered assistance enthusiastically, and even let me take the short cut😜

My first impression of Moroccans is their warm smiles.  Maybe they haven’t seen an Asian face here for a long time. In the same plane, except me, there is only another Singaporean lady who lives in Tangier.

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